Sidewinders Smokey BBQs , Seasoned Crisp 1.816kg

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Sidewinders Smokey BBQs , Seasoned Crisp
Packaging: 1.816 kg / pack x 6
10.896 kg / case

Revolutionary SIDEWINDERS™ Fries – only from Simplot – feature an unforgettable shape with great plate coverage and visual appeal. Featuring Simplot SeasonedCRISP® smokey BBQ batter, they deliver rustic, smokey flavor and a hearty crunch. Bakeable, too!

  • Simplot SIDEWINDERS™ Fries' unique shape jumps off the plate
  • Smokey BBQ is sauce is the most popular flavor in appetizers in QSR, casual and midscale dining
  • Tremendous plate coverage and yield
  • Outstanding hold time and heat retention—perfect for takeout and delivery
  • Bake or fry