Formed Crumbed Onion Rings (Simplot) 908g

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Formed Crumbed Onion Rings, Baby Star
Packaging: 908g / pack x 8
7.264 kg / case

Created with true craft beer! Premium Apollo hops and two-row malt give Simplot BENT ARM ALE® Beer Battered Onion Rings a rich, amber color and light caramel and molasses flavor notes. These 5/8" rings of colossal-size Vaquero Sweet Spanish Onions make impressive plate presentations every time.

  • On-trend with consumers' love of craft beer
  • Just the right amount of batter for the perfect crunch
  • Made from colossal-sized onions for bigger rings and better plate coverage
  • Popular 5/8" width
  • Fry or bake