Beef Flavoured Stock

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  • This full-flavour, clear no MSG stock is indispensable and a "must" in every professional kitchen. It has countless applications and can be used as a base for all types of clear and cream soups; as a base for stews; for preparing both white and brown sauces and gravies

  • Alternative to meat-based stocks

  • Beef Flavoured Stock boosts the flavour and strengthens weak home-made stocks, soups, sauces and gravies. To cook rice dishes, such as risotto and pilaf and farinaceous specialties. To steam vegetables and potatoes



  • Salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, flavours, palm oil, colour, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate,  soya sauce powder, spices, citric acid. 


Nutrition Information


Yield & Preparations

  • yield: 60 liters

  • 20 g of powder to 1 liters water

  • Dissolve required amount of product in boiling water and stir well



  • PET/Aluminium Zipper Pouch


Shipping Unit

  • Per case 6 pouches (6 x 1200g)

  • Per pallet 75 cases (Layer per pallet 15 cases)

  • Gross weight p/case 8.898kg

  • Measurements p/case 30.5 L x 24.7 W x 27 H (cm)


Shelf Life & Storage Condition

  • 720 days

  • Keep in a cool & dry place

Article Number

  • 820036

Rich flavored, perfect for using as it is

  • Light brown powder with a full-flavour beef taste. Does not contain animal raw materials and suitable for vegan. 

  • Best to use as seasoning, soup base, Consommé

  • One pouch (powder form) can make 60L of sauce

  • Application ideas: Vegetable Soups, Vegetarian Stews, Gratinated Onion Soup, Minestrone, risotto and etc.