Gourmet Butter Extra Taste 82% Fat, Candia

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Product Info:
+ Extra fresh taste due to the cream being harvested within 72 hours
+ Our cooperative model allows us to control the process from milk collection to the finished product
+ French lactic butter made by churning 100% French dairy cream
+ The best taste in all applications: pastries, pies, biscuits, cakes, sauces…
+ Sublimates all the other flavors of your recipes
+ Gives a smooth and homogeneous texture

Package Info:
1kg roll and 5kg block

Storage conditions & Expiry date:
Best Before date at -18°C: 1 year
After defrosting, the product must be stored at +6°C and the recommended shelf life is 75 days.

The product must be preserved in the recommended temperature of storage, away from light and in its original packaging.

For better quality of products, fast turnover required.