Candia Professional

Dairy Whipping Cream, UHT, 35.1% Fat

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"Specially designed to highly perform when whipped, Candia Professional whipping cream is perfect for pastry Chefs."  
  • Once whipped, the cream remains warm and perfectly holds its shape for at least 24h
  • The pure color and fresh flavor of a premium French dairy cream
  • Excellent stability and homogeneity, no exudation at all (kept stored at +4°C)
  • Properties are naturally obtained thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Package Info:

1 liter

Storage conditions & Expiry date:
Best Before date at -18°C: 1 year
After defrosting, the product must be stored at +6°C, and the recommended shelf
life is 75 days.
The product must be preserved at the recommended temperature of storage, away from light, and in its original packaging.
For a better quality of products, fast turnover is required.